Next Steps – Trusting God Every Step of the Way

I often get overwhelmed by large projects or ideas.  This is particularly problematic for me because I often have big ideas and like to plan large projects!  It can be crippling to look at all the things that have to be done to accomplish a particular goal.  Too often my response can simply be, “why bother?”  Since I can’t possibly accomplish it all there is no reason to even start.

But every journey begins – and continues – with one step.  We don’t have to figure out how to get from one place to another, we just have to take one step in the right direction.  Just tackle one thing that moves you along that journey toward that goal.  You can’t change everyone’s lives at once, but pick up the phone and call one person.  You can’t study the entire bible at once, but pick it up and read a chapter or pick one book and just start reading it (I recommend the book of John!).  You may not be able to fix your marriage or your relationship with your children all at once, but take one step in that direction.

These aren’t just steps to accomplish these things – they are steps of faith.  They are a recognition that we can’t accomplish these things but that God is already at work and holds the destination and the journey in his hands.

I have found that I don’t have to think about accomplishing the “grand plan” – that’s God’s job!  I just have to take a next step of faith in the direction that God is leading and watch what he does.  I am amazed at how much God can do through us when we simply take a next step for him.

Sometimes God doesn’t reveal the path ahead, he just shows you that next step.  What is a next step that God is putting in front of you?

photo by flickr user rofanator

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