About Me

So who am I?  Good question.

I am married and have four children.  I love reading and studying theology and the bible.  I absolutely love playing guitar (a Taylor – if you must know).  I really enjoy coffee – and not just to be cool (I roast my own beans at home).  I was a youth pastor for about 9 years, an assistant pastor for about 4 years, and have been a Senior Pastor since 2011.

I was born in Houston, Texas – and lived there a total of about 9 months.  Sorry, no accent.  I have lived in many places but when people ask where I’m from I usually say Chicago since I spent my grade school and Jr. High years in the Northwest corner of Indiana (Valparaiso) and my High School years in the western suburbs of Chicago (St. Charles).  I went to Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago (where I met my amazing wife Becky) and then served as a youth pastor for 7 years on the Northeast tip of Chicago.  I went to Trinity International Divinity School for my Master’s Degree in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago.

I am the Senior Pastor of Orchard Community Church in Rochester (or Greece) New York.  I love to preach, I love to disciple others, and I love just doing life together with other believers and seeing how God works in and through us.

So who am I?  I’m a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, saved by the incredible grace of God, who enjoys helping others to seek, find, and walk with Him.