This Weekend at OCC

This Sunday at Orchard Community Church we will be looking at Acts 9:1-31 which is an amazing account of a man named Saul (a.k.a. Paul).  He was absolutely against Christ and all Christians until he met the risen Jesus on the road one day and it changed his life forever.  In fact, saying he was “against” Christians is way too weak.  He went door to door arresting Christians and putting them on trial which sometimes ended in their deaths.  This man goes from being one of the biggest enemies of the church to being it’s main spokesperson.  He changes from arresting those who speak about Christ to being one who is willing to give his own life so that others can hear about Christ.  His story is a reminder to us that none of us and none of our friends or relatives is beyond the reach of the great power of God for salvation!  The sermon is called “This Changes Everything” and is about how the fact of Jesus’ resurrection really does change everything.

Another great thing this weekend is that in about 5 hours I am taking a group from the church to Pennsylvania for a one day mission trip on Saturday to help victims of the recent floods.  Another group is coming on Saturday morning for a total of about 15 in all.  This trip was completely planned and implemented by some wonderful volunteers in the church.  They found the need just a few weeks ago and immediately put plans in action to see who could go.  I am really looking forward to it and I’m so proud of the people of OCC for their love for God and for others!

That’s what we’re doing this weekend…what about you?


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