“Grounded and Growing” – This Sunday at OCC

I kill plants.  It’s something I’m fairly gifted at.  I’ve killed tomato plants, cilantro, flowers, bushes, even trees.  My skill at killing plants knows no bounds.  I may not grasp the intricacies of helping a plant to grow, but I know that God’s Word has a lot to teach us about growing strong in the gospel.

This week at Orchard Community Church we are looking at the end of Acts chapter 11 through Acts chapter 14.  This is the first of Paul’s three missionary trips.  We are going to pay specific attention to the church that sent Paul and Barnabas on this trip – the church at Antioch – which is a great example of a church that is Grounded and Growing.  Then we will look at the things they encounter on the trip and what they do on their way home that shows how important it is for churches and believers to be “Grounded and Growing”!

Take some time before Sunday to read Acts 11:19-30 and 13:1 – 14:28 as we prepare to gather with other believers and be “Grounded and Growing” in the gospel together!

We will also be participating in Communion.  I like to think of Communion as a sermon that you do instead of a sermon that you listen to.  In the act of taking the bread and the cup, we are declaring that Jesus’ death on the cross is our hope of salvation.  It is always such a meaningful experience and a great reminder!



photo by Flickr user churl

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