My Wife

I missed posting yesterday.  I was on the road for about 7 hours with my family for a quick three day trip.  We took the trip because my awesome wife was invited to speak at a gathering of mothers.  She is there now as I write this.

I am really proud of my wife.  She is is such a great woman of faith and a great example to others.  She is also a huge help to me both in my personal life and my ministry (which almost seems silly to write it that way because these are not really separate areas in our lives).  She has taught me so much about loving people and really listening to them.  She has taught me to smile more and criticize less.  She has seemingly limitless patience with our children.  She puts up with my quirks and flaws.  She works hard in the church and in helping so many people in so many ways.

So that’s why I’m writing this today – because I’m really proud of my wife!

Now I need to run to the car to go pick her up and hear about how God used her in another situation where she stepped out in faith and made herself available to be used by Him.

By the way, my wife has a blog at which is awesome!

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